Nick Name:  Billabong

Job Title:  Co-CEO

Bilal Ballout

Nick Name:  MK

Job Title:  Co-CEO

Mohamad Khachab

Nick Name:  Bernie

Job Title:  Operations Manager

BMB Crush: Freakin’ Healthy Peanut Butter Bites, because YUM.

Bernadette Alvarez

Nick Name:  Soli

Job Title:  International Business Developer

BMB Crush: Brizeles Natural crackers, Freakin' Healthy, Smart Gourmet, Recipe No.7 -
Allllll the healthy snacks

Soleiman Rezaei

Nick Name:  Kuttu

Job Title:  Sales Manager 

BMB Crush: Melly’s crispy ruby chocolate
unique flavour – it has a sweet and sour taste at the same time!

Eugene Paul

Nick Name:   Tyson & Iron man

Job Title:  Account Managers

BMB Crush: Al Qamar 800 grams – wow 

Petit Gourmet sugar free 350 gram – its my baby

Rabih Al Farran & Ramez Jaber 

Nick Name:  ZeeO

Job Title:  Project Development Manager 

BMB Crush: Smart Gourmet Hummus and Freakin’ Healthy snacking essentials very berry - Hummus tastes like home but it really does – a bite of summer.

Noha El Shishiny

Nick Name:  Karen because they cant pronounce my name

Job Title:  Account Manager Horeca & E-commerce

 Karan Chauhan

Nick Name:  Pat

Job Title:  HR Director

BMB Crush: Smart Gourmet – Roasted red pepper: It is the perfect balance of flavour and spice and the branding is very attractive.

Patrick Beyrouthy

Nick Name:  Laks

Job Title:  CFO

BMB Crush: Freakin’ Healthy butters bites – Natural and it doesn’t have artificials

Lakshmi Narayanan

Nick Name:  Ezzat

Job Title:  Production Manager 

BMB Crush: Mellys Speculoos biscuit roll – Because I’m a chocolate man.

Ahmad Ezzat

Nick Name:  Shihab

Job Title:  Quality Control Manager 

BMB Crush: Melly’s wafer and Hazelnut  - its crispy crunchy

Shihabudheen CK

Nick Name:  Rour

Job Title:  Marketing Manager

BMB Crush: Freakin’ Healthy raw chocolate protein balls - It’s the best! 

Roya Saade

Nick Name:  Safa

Job Title:  Commercial Director 

BMB Crush: Recipe no.7 Gluten Free baklava – because it's gluten free & I love the branding

Hussein Safa

Talal Tabet

Nick Name:  Tee

Job Title:  Category Director

BMB Crush: Freakin’ Healthy Peanut butter bites & Melly’s Choco latte because I keep a healthy-ish balance

Nick Name:  Faroooooq

Job Title:  Food Scientist

BMB Crush: Freakin’ Healthy – Butter Nuts

Because I like Hazelnut butter bites are something new

Zaland Farook 

Nick Name:  Imadooo

Job Title:  Production Manager

BMB Crush: What do you mean just one? I manage them all!

Imad Nahlous

Ramesh Prashanth

Nick Name:  Ram

Job Title:  IT Manager

BMB Crush: Freakin’ Healthy Coconut butter bites – I was a taste tester so clearly its good




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