We have 2 state-of-the-art factories in Dubai, UAE


We cover high demand through semi-automated and labor intensive manufacturing units


We produce over 50 tons per day of Arabic sweets, chocolate and chocolate ingredients

We Care About Quality

Our high quality standards are regularly confirmed by independent institutes and certification bodies. Our quality management system, combined with our safe and clean facilities, ensures product reliability at the highest levels.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control laboratory confirms the highest level of commitment. Through our microbiology testing, we are able to confirm the quality of our raw material and finished products, and conduct studies to test the ideal shelf life of every item

BMB Group

Our values and ethics mean we only work with quality
ingredients that support good ‘livelihoods’. We strive to stay at
the forefront of providing exceptional service in a world where
relationships mean everything.

Head Office: Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 887 7057
E-Mail: cs@bmb-group.com